How not to miss any Fashion Week ever again

Fashion Weeks are not what they used to; they are now not only marketing or business strategies for fashion and designers, but also influential and important social events that are covered by social and mass media, as you can see here in this article about future of Fashion Weeks, along with celebrities and influencers around the world, magazines journalists and more, without mentioning parties and other events related.

Also, due to changes in catwalks, designers´ schedules and their cancelation, the inclusion of over 60 brands in every Fashion Week in New York, London, Milan and Paris, these are events that can change in time with no warning whatsoever. However, thanks to these 4 recommendations you will be able to keep an eye on every event related with Fashion Weeks.

4 things you can do to know everything about Fashion Weeks celebration

  • Start following accounts related directly with fashion: you can begin following accounts on social media platforms from people and fashion firms in order to know everything about Fashion Weeks; dates, parties, events, schedules, and so much more information can be available in this way.

In fact, through social media you will be able to attend the Fashion Week itself directly throughout platforms like Snapchat and Twitter, with exclusive access also and deep details that are not even available on TV networks.

  • Following fashion influencers: like following fashion accounts and related mentioned before, to start following influencers online is a great way to keep on track on Fashion Week events, since these people have access to information from first hand, being also editors and journalists from important brands.

Also, photographers and youtubers can be great people to follow online and stay in touch with everything that happens on Fashion weeks.

  • Consulting official schedules and calendars: important brands, event and places have official websites, along with Fashion Weeks themselves and these are extremely important to follow, since from there you can know exactly when and where is it going to be the next month of Fashion, with exact time from the countries and cities involved.

For example, in 2018 after Barcelona and Madrid Fashion Weeks, on February 8th to 11th will be New York Fashion Week, followed by London Fashion Week from 15th to 20th, Milan Fashion Week from 20th to 26th and last Paris Fashion Week from February 26th to March 6th.

  • Prepare a proper schedule: after consulting official dates and calendars, with the information provided you can design a proper schedule to keep an eye on every event and never miss anyone, regardless from where the Fashion Week consulted takes place.